Or Not: Isaac Veers West

Tropical Storm Isaac decided to shoot for Louisiana.  We had stormy skies all day in Tallahassee, but only sprinkles of rain.  Isaac is still not a hurricane, as much as the Weather Channel might like it to be.  It is shameless the way they try to blow it out of proportion.

A very, very busy Monday at the reference desk as we shift from Summer to the Fall term at FSU, FAMU, and TCC.  MF and I hustled for two solid hours this a.m., and when we were relieved for lunch I felt numb..  The afternoon was a hard slog up to 6 o'clock, but finally it was quitting time.

R. and I went out to Sahara for an easy supper: gyro, felafel and hummus.  Then home, where we said the rosary, watched The Journey Home, and watched a funny and wise 12-step classic, Stuart Saves His Family.

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