Trying Out My Smartphone Camera

I bought a Motorola Droid Mini, my first smartphone!  I took these pictures with its 10 megapixel camera.  Not bad, but no comparison with my Canon S90.

The first two are of the southwest side of the library.

Here is Bronough Street looking north on a cool, bright December day.

Here are some MovinCool portable air conditioners in the basement corridor.  They had been used temporarily while repairs were made to the library's HVAC system.  They look a little Dalek-like, no?


Steerforth said...

Smartphone cameras are surprisingly good and although the colour balance can be a little weird sometimes, it often enhances the photos. My smartphone sunsets are much more dramatic than my 'proper' camera.

Your photos show how good they are at dealing with a wide range of tones.

Brett said...

Thanks, yes, the green recycling bin is not so bright, but it makes a better picture.